What I’m Reading

I have a long wish list of books to get through this summer. I hope I can read half of them. If only I didn’t keep falling asleep in the hammock.

I just started How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh, Geoffrey Lewis,  and Susie Cranston. It’s been around since 2009, but since I was focused on surviving grad school then, I didn’t do a lot of reading about anything except methanogens. I’ll let you know my thoughts.


I LOVED this book so much I bought a hard copy. It’s easier to lend, and I like to mark up my books. Bookmarks and highlights in ebooks just don’t do it for me. (Don’t judge me!)

First, the book is for everyone, so no one should be put off by the word “women” in the title. I’m encouraging my husband to read it.

Second, I wasn’t completely sold on the model that the authors developed from their work with women leaders. They came up with five interconnected parts that help leaders, well, lead: meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing. It made sense, but it seemed a little forced. I did love that they spent time explaining their methodology, although I confess I skimmed that part. (I only had so much time in the hammock before I was going to fall asleep!)

I most identified with the need for positive framing, a method for avoiding those dramatic downward spirals we may have a tendency toward. I personally am an expert at catastrophizing, so I found it very helpful to be told that I should work towards NOT doing that.

I was also encouraged by their emphasis on relational approaches. I’ve always considered that a weakness of mine. I didn’t know my ability and desire to make connections with others was important or even desirable at work. Who knew? (Probably everyone but me.)

Finally, I loved that the book is full of stories and examples. It spoke to me, right to my heart and encouraged me. I don’t say this often, but I will read it again.

Next up: The Servant by James Hunter.